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About  BPACP
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Quality Control Center:

From the very beginning, BPACP has been considering quality of its products as its life and the developing base. Seeking perfect quality as the enterprise's basic concept has been remembered by all the staff and workers of BPACP. In each chain from raw materials to finished products'

there is a strict quality control.  Through the concept,  practice  and lasting
efforts,  BPACP has  established  a  quality  control center  in Beijing.  While
monitoring finished products' delivery, the center can provide customers with
precise and reliable products' testing data. For the reason, its customers can
save lots of  finance,  materials and labor.  They can put their focus  to  the
market development and let their customers use the products made by BPACP
with worry free. So far, the enterprise has passed ISO9001:2000 certification
and got NSF international certificate and domestic Sanitation License.
Items which BPACP can inspect or test:
Adsorption performance
1. Iodine 2. Methylene blue 3. Butane 4. Carbon tetrachloride
5. Caramel decolorization 6. Molasses 7. Benzene 8. Acetone
9. Phenol 10. Tannin 11. H2S 12. Zinc acetate
13. Denitration 14. SO2 15. Semi-dechlorination, etc.
Purity test
1. ASI 2. ASA 3. PH 4. WSA 5. Ash 6. Chloride 7. Ferric Salt
8. Phosphate 9. Various heavy metals 10.non-carbonized
material 11. Calcium 12.Protection time , etc.
Physical test
1. PSD 2. Uniform coefficiency 3. Effective size 4. Mean
particle size 5. Diameter 6. Moisture 7. Hardness 8. Apparent
or bulk density 9. Abrasion 10.Floater 11. Surface area
12. Pore Volume 13. Ignition point, etc.
Special index
1. Hydrogen cyanide(HCN) 2. Cyanogen chloride(CNCL)
3. C2H5CL , etc.
Test Method: ASTM, JIS, GB
Note: Other testing index can be set according to customers' requirement.


    BPACP Headquarters and sales Office Address:
Room2A-1105, Shang Ao Shi Ji Center. Xisanqi,
Haidian District, Beijing 100096 China
Tel:86- (0)10 -82735550/ 86- (0)10 -82735551
Fax: 86 - (0)10- 82735557