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BPACP Advantages:

Modern transactions seek double-win. BPACP spurned the traditional single-sided profit pursuit. It considers double-win with its business partners as its business concept. We get more customers by offering high quality and a complete variety of products as well as high-level service. BPACP strictly demands on itself and gets trust from others. Cooperation with BPACP has incomparable advantages and benefit. The reasons are as follows:

  • History:
    BPACP's development can be traced back to over 20 years. Through the development, it has accumulated rich experiences. In the process, BPACP created peaks one after another. It has developed from a small enterprise into a professional activated carbon company with integrated research, production and marketing. BPACP is developing steadily and rapidly.
  • Management:

    BPACP has its advanced management mode and experienced managers. It adopts modern management system and operation mode. From its production to marketing, in all its chains, it strictly follows ISO9001:2000 quality system. Whatever production equipment, staff and workers are managed in order. The production efficiency is very high and materials' consumption is very low. The equipments

    and facilities can be used for long life. Thus, its production cost is low while the quality is high. For those reasons, the enterprise has competition advantages all the time.
  • Geographic Position and Traffic:
    BPACP headquarters and sales center is located in Beijing, Capital of China, a convenient geographic traffic position. Beijing is the traffic hinge of highway and freeway, railway and aviation and is easy to reach any place in China and the whole world. It is about one hour drive to the seaport. The ancient Beijing is in possession of long and effulgent national culture and is a very famous touring city where the world-known Great Wall and the Forbidden City is located. At the same time, Beijing is the political, scientific, economic and cultural exchange center of the country. In it, there are complete infrastructure and facilities, lots of talents, research institutions, colleges and universities. All the embassies from different countries are also there. It is very convenient for customers to come for business discussions, for touring or for scientific and technical exchange activities.
  • Research and Technology:

    BPACP's engineers and technicians are senior experts in the carbon industry. Most of them have involved in activated carbon for more than 20 years. They have rich technical knowledge in chemical industry and activated carbon and have accumulated lots of experiences in research and development; BPACP has the most advanced research equipments and devices and excellent research environment in the country. Through unremitting efforts for many years, it has established a strong activated carbon research and production technical team. In addition, it has set up excellent long-term cooperation and business relationship with well-known universities and activated carbon research institutions at home and famous foreign activated

    carbon companies and application enterprises. BPACP attaches high importance to research and development and offers strong support to research and development. For its continual development, the company has set up a research and development center that will develop new peculiar products according to the market or customers' requirement.

  • Personal Quality:
    Personal quality will be a very important chain. BPACP's staff and personnel including those for research, production, management, quality control, marketing and after-sales service are graduates from universities or higher. They have professional knowledge and skilled operation. They work very hard and are very responsible for their jobs and customers. The company has a perfect training system. In all the chains including production, quality control and service, they will be well trained. With the talents, BPACP can get more market share and better performance.
  • Production:
    BPACP has leading production facilities in the industry, first grade production personnel and production environment. All the products are of high quality. The total capacity of all the products is over 30,000.00mt/year. The product quality is reliable and stable while the lead-time is short.
  • Raw Materials:
    Quality products come from carefully selected quality raw materials. China is a large country with rich resources, where many raw materials can be used for activated carbon production, especially coal. Among them, the reserve of bituminous, anthracite and lignite is in a leading position in the world. Through tests, products made of carefully selected quality raw materials have very large surface area, highly developed pore structure, excellent adsorption performance, outstanding physical and mechanical performance. They feature with strong hardness, low ash, low sulfur, low phosphor and high temperature resistance etc. and are good for regeneration and have a long operation life. Moreover, their cost is very low.
  • Technology and Formula:
    Based on the research and technology development capability, BPACP's production technology and formula have been exploited through researches and accumulations for many years. They are both advanced and unique. Compared to general products in the country, BPACP's products are quite different. They have higher quality and better operation effect.
  • Marketing:

    BPACP is very strong in marketing. It has an over twenty-year marketing history. BPACP fully understands what customers need; BPACP's marketing managers are strictly trained. They understand not only marketing, but also activated carbon production and application. For the various problems that may occur in

    marketing process, they will try their best to avoid them or solve them.Once encountering some unexpected difficulties, BPACP can rapidly offer different and efficient solutions to them, mak its customers satisfied; For the convenient communication and contact and better awareness of the latest market trend and customers' need, BPACP has set up its marketing branches or offices in the United States and other countries.

  • Cost:
    Each enterprise and businessman must consider production and operation cost. As you know, in China, cost for raw materials, equipment, labor, environment protection and transportation is quite low; In addition, all the production bases are situated in raw material production areas. As a result,the material is low. At the same time, due to advanced equipment, scientific management, large-scale production, large marketing quantity and unified scale marketing, the marketing comprehensive cost is not high at all. From 2001, its direct export volume has reached over 10,000 MT per year. As a result, the operation and marketing cost is very low; Meanwhile, before goods are transported, BPACP's quality control center will conduct the final quality sampling and inspection in order to avoid unqualified products to be sent out. It is unnecessary for customers to inspect them again. As a result, customers can greatly lower their inspection and personal cost; In addition, customers can use the facilities of the BPACP's material flow center to finish sales packing, shipping-mark printing, preparing pallets, shrink-wrapping and storage etc. In this way, customers can save lots of relevant cost in their country;
  • Customers:
    Our company's customers and partners are from various industries in China and abroad. Over a long period of time, the customers who keep good cooperation relationship with us are mostly international well- known enterprises and leaders in various industries. For this reason, we are in touch of the advanced information in the world.
  • After-sales Service:
    Through long-term uninterrupted efforts, BPACP has trained a professional quality and circumspect service team which can offer presales, and after-sales service to customers. Moreover, we can offer business and technical consultation, answer and solve customers' various questions etc. Our service personnel consider customers as the most important and patiently solve their possible issues in work. If you select BPACP, you will be free away from lots of worries.
  • Variety of Products:
    BPACP has a complete family of products. If you contact BPACP only, you can get all kinds of activated carbon or carbon-related products, which you may need. BPACP's six production bases include bituminous production base, anthracite production base, coconut-shell and nut-shell production base, special wood GAC and wood powder production base, activated carbon fiber felt and cloth production base, activated production deep-procession production base.
  • Quality:

    BPACP considers its quality as its life and its products' quality can be guaranteed. The company organizes production according to scientific management system and the ISO9001, 2000 quality system. It has strict quality inspection and control to each production chain from raw materials to finished products. Before finished products leave the seaport, they will be inspected by BPACP's quality control center again.

    Products' quality can keep stable and reliable all the time.In order to promote marketing, BPACP has invested to get the NSF international certificate and domestic sanitation license certificate.

  • Application:
    BPACP's products cover a very wide scope. They have been used in the industries of food, brewage, pharmacy, medical treatment, petroleum, chemistry, environmental protection, electronics, power plant, iron & steel, automobile, aerospace, nuclear, labor protection and army etc.
  • Package:
    In order to raise package quality of products, BPACP can provide the high quality packing bags and containers in uniform standard with shipping marks printed uniformly or provide various types of package in accordance to customers' requirements. The packing bags and containers we offered have the features as strong hardness, excellent quality, ultraviolet-proof, anti-leakage etc. The package BPACP provides can help clients avoid lots of packing troubles in the process of transport, marketing and usage. In this case, the clients' packing quality can be raised accordingly and their companies can have a better general image to end-users.

    BPACP Headquarters and sales Office Address:
Room2A-1105, Shang Ao Shi Ji Center. Xisanqi,
Haidian District, Beijing 100096 China
Tel:86- (0)10 -82735550/ 86- (0)10 -82735551
Fax: 86 - (0)10- 82735557