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About  BPACP
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Production Facilities:

For first class quality, it must be equipped with excellent production facilities to ensure it. Currently, BPACP has most advanced carbonization rotary kiln and computer-controlled activation furnaces and other complete set of relative equipments in the country. BPACP can process low, medium, high and top level products of all kinds to meet various requirements of customers.

Carbonization Rotary Kiln

Acid Wash Facilities

Acid Wash Facilities

    Drying Facility

   Hydraulic press

Activation Fumace

R/O Water Equipment

    BPACP Headquarters and sales Office Address:
Room2A-1105, Shang Ao Shi Ji Center. Xisanqi,
Haidian District, Beijing 100096 China
Tel:86- (0)10 -82735550/ 86- (0)10 -82735551
Fax: 86 - (0)10- 82735557